Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd (“Primeworks”) would like to highlight that fraud and scams over the internet is widely being circulated namely with emails on job offers that do not exist. We urge you to stop and think before you proceed further. Go to and inquire on any latest career opportunities with Primeworks. Many scams may appear to come from Primeworks, but the criminals behind the scam are external parties who are not employed by Primeworks. From what we know, it is likely to be a scam if:

  • You receive an offer of a job about which you have no prior knowledge of.
  • You are asked for your bank account details by email or telephone.
  • You are offered cash in exchange for bank account details.
  • You are requested to provide some sort of deposit before obtaining the job or a bigger sum of money.

  Some job scams can be very clever. Therefore, you must check for the recruitment details very carefully. Here are several hints to look out for:

  • Primeworks companies' websites may be provided, but the contact email addresses may be false or a genuine company name may be given, but the address will be wrong.
  • Primeworks do not use a gmail, hotmail or yahoo type email account.
  • Telephone or send an email to Primeworks via the details provided the Primeworks Website (, if you are approached about a job in Primeworks.
  • Primeworks do not give a mobile number for contact details.

If you receive a scam email, please do not share any personal information to anyone and not to follow such instructions related to this matter. We urge you not to have any further contact with the originators of the email and do not pay any money as these people are professional criminals and their aim is to exploit you and take your money and/or your personal information. We can however, help you forward the matter to the Malaysian police and the government authorities, for further investigation in Malaysia. Nevertheless, as mentioned before, the criminals behind the scam can be anyone based in any other country. In any circumstance, if you have doubt, you may check with us and we will try to assist you as much as we can.